About us

The association was founded by a group of parents who, in the misfortune of their children’s illness, have had the strength to unite and understand the importance of fundraising to support research.
The vast network of relationships created in these years is a precious patrimony whose existence we are proud of and above all aware of for the future. Our commitment is to continue promoting what we have produced and sown over the years, with the common belief that some problems can be shared and faced together.
We will continue to work with great enthusiasm to increase awareness of CDKL5 deficiency disorder.
A great strength comes to us from parents, members and all friends who help and support us at all times. We will work hard to show you that your trust in our work is well placed.
We have many projects in the pipeline and we are confident of an active and profitable participation of all, united together towards cure!

The cure will come only thanks to the research that, as we have learned early, has very high costs.
Our main purpose is to find funds to support research.
In addition to dedicating ourselves to fundraising, we try to create a network between website, youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter that will involve all those who have approached our cause. Above all, we try to support families struggling at the forefront of this disease

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