Ricordiamo il live su Facebook di oggi alle ore 15 sul disordine da deficit di #CDKL5. Antonino Caridi e Majid Jafar ci aggiorneranno sugli sviluppi delle terapie in corso e successivamente risponderanno alle domande della comunità #cdkl5

Y’all...I have HUGE news!!!

I’ve signed with #PresentPerfectLiteraryAgency to represent my first book “‘If I Were You I’d K*ll Myself’ and Other Disabled Compliments.”

So excited to be working with them on this.

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‘We enjoy every minute we are together, every smile and every progress of Matei. For us, every moment with him is priceless!’

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Brain Connectivity in Cannabis Users

Examining the brains of frequent cannabis users, researchers have identified a pattern of connectivity related to craving the substance.

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Ya en Brain: una descripción clínica, histológica y de neuroimagen de nuestra experiencia cerebrovascular durante la epidemia COVID-19. Gran trabajo cooperativo de Neurología, Neurocirugía, Radiología, Anatomía Patológica y Anestesia. Well done, Paco!! @albacetesanidad

#StatusEpilepticus is a medical emergency associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

Learn more about our commitment to developing #ganaxolone for patients and their families here:

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"Our data suggest that gene therapy or other interventions in patients with CDKL5 deficiency should be directed not only to the brain but also to DRG to restore nociceptive input in patients..."

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