Closing soon! Applications for the #EURORDISSummerSchool on Medicines Research and Development are closing 15 November. Apply now to attend a week of face-to-face training in Barcelona in June

DYK? @CDKL5USA was created by parents of children with #CDKL5 who saw a need for education and research. The site offers resources that can help families who are dealing with the overwhelming diagnosis:

On #PCDH19 Day, we're supporting this part of the #raredisease family. To everyone suffering, their parents, siblings, and extended family: Your strength is an inspiration. Information, support, and resources are available through the @PCDH19Alliance:

This is indeed very interesting @HuguenardLab! In some neurodevelopmental diseases, including #CDKL5 deficiency and #RettSyndrome, we see a deficit of GluR2. Also decreased in epilepsy. Understanding what controls the developmental shift is very useful for therapeutics šŸ‘

@CDKL5UK @CP_Consortium It mightn't magically change any loo into a 'changing places' loo but it certainly beats having to change on the floor! #anyportinastorm

This week with so much going on at the #WODCEurope I forgot to announce the last entry of the Impatient Series for #RareDisease patient groups: advice on how to evaluate and then track your research projects.

You will find it in the link šŸ‘‡

Check out the latest LGS CME Activity from @AmEpilepsySoc and @Medscape @Child_Neurology @tsalliance @HopeforHH @Phelan_McDermid @Kcnq2Cure @CDKL5USA @EpilepsyFdn @PedsEpilepsyDoc

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