@CDKL5USA is honored to share a brave guest blog from our partner, @YssaDeWoody of @Ring14USA.

She generously shares her family's experience to help others trying to protect medically fragile children during the #COVID19 pandemic.

We are excited to launch a new video awareness initiative called #CDKL5RawTalk

What is "Raw Talk"?
CDKL5 Canada is pleased to launch a new awareness initiative called CDKL5 “Raw Talk”. Raw Talk videos aim to…

A huge issue for our children with #IEPs due to the #CoronavirusPandemic. It's a trying time and so many of our families and children with #SpecialNeeds are struggling.

Preparing for Hospitalization of a Medically Complex Loved One During Covid-19 Pandemic
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“There are no currently approved treatments for #RefractoryStatusEpilepticus,” explains CEO Dr. Scott Braunstein.

Discover how we are creating a new mechanism of action for #RSE patients here:

Exciting Announcement as Ulysses Neuroscience Ltd and Atuka enter into Co-Marketing Agreement and Combine Expertise to Advance Translational Research in Parkinson’s Disease.

Download Press Release here 👉

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"Independent bookstores are fighting back, not just with expertly curated tables or eloquent shelf talkers, but with Amazon’s own tactics. And with, they just might win." Thanks to Alex Lauer and @InsideHook for this!

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