Nei mesi scorsi l'ospedale Gemelli di Roma ha contattato la nostra associazione (ed altre che si occupano di malattie rare) per renderci partecipi di questo progetto e creare insieme il centro...

FDA Wants to Turn CBD Oil Into a Drug that Will Cost $32,500 as They Ban all Other CBD Oils

Delaney to step down as FAI chief, taking on new role

#Curecdkl5 #ChangeTheNarrative As individuals and families and communities we can change the way in which Our kids are viewed in society #IamTheirVoice

New company will try to make genetic diagnostic much faster and also cheap enough to be accessible in low-resource settings. Using CRISPR to diagnose.

This could completely change diagnostics. Welcome Sherlock Biosciences! @ellie_kincaid @Forbes

This is actually a BIG problem in clinical trials, where drugs needs to reach statistical significance in a pre-specified clinical outcome:
- What if patient variation makes efficacy non-significant?
- What if other symptoms improve but not that outcome?

Alcuni dei punti di forza del nostro gruppo sono la condivisione e il senso di unione che ci lega nonostante le distanze e le differenze.
Vi chiediamo 2 minuti del vostro tempo.
Se pensate che ne valga...

The media coverage of #CBD is crazy: "The product has been touted as a potential treatment for anxiety, seizures, insomnia and even cancer."

But we don't add Xanax or chemotherapy to jelly beans! If it is a "treatment" it should not be in food #Epilepsy

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