Dr Paula Bolger’s company, Cortex Cognition, aims to simplify how levels of cognition are measured in order to detect Alzheimer’s in its early stages. Read more: #GlobalAmbition @EI_bigideas

Un grazie di cuore all'associazione @AmicidellElfo che, con il progetto Insieme per Christian, hanno fatto una generosa donazione alla nostra associazione.
#CDKL5Awareness #CDKL5 #solidarietà #insiemeversolacura

“When Tia’s neurologist suggested testing for #CDKL5, I did research, read through symptoms & felt confident we were finally going to receive the correct diagnosis,” says @CDKL5Cad President Sangeeta Staley. For information & resources for families, visit:

Apasionante y esperanzador el cambio en investigación de nuevas terapias en #Dravet. Ha pasado en pocos años de no tener fármacos aprobados a ser un modelo para nuevos tratamientos convencionales y genéticos en #Epilepsia.

Gracias Ana @CNSdrughunter por mostrárnoslo tan bien👏

A huge thank you to all of the families who traveled to share their experiences with our team as we continue to develop treatments to improve the lives of patients and families affected by pediatric epilepsy. #CDKL5 #PCDH19 #MarinusLunchAndLearn


It is the time of the year when we review the #Dravet syndrome pipeline:

- 2 drugs approved
- 12 more candidates in development
- 11 orphan designations
- ASOs and gene therapy approaching trials

So much progress!!

Full pipeline review in my website:

La #DravetConference tendrá lugar en Madrid, 26 Sept. Abordará cómo el #Dravet está cambiando la manera de tratar la #Epilepsia.

Los epileptólogos de nuestro equipo participarán junto a otros ponentes internacionales en las charlas.

Para quien pueda interesar ⬇️

The Marinus team is looking forward to hearing insights from families about how #CDKL5 and #PCDH19 impacts their daily lives. #MarinusLunchAndLearn

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