Resumen del congreso #AES2019:
- llegada de las terapias genéticas
- tratando más que las crisis
- hay que cambiar el diseño de los ensayos
- los pacientes son parte del congreso
- test genetico gratuito (en América)

What I found the most interesting at #AES2019:
- the arrival of genetic therapies
- treating non-seizure aspects
- new clinical trial design needs
- bringing in patient advocates
- free genetic testing (for some)

In 2019 we raised over $2,300 for @CDKL5USA and #CDKL5 research with our artwork! Thank you for all your support and donations! We are excited for new projects in 2020 🌟

The Alzheimer's Research Daily is out!!all Stories via @BrownAlumniMag @FrontNeurol @BianchisLab #alzheimers #dementia

Alzheimer’s drug candidates reverse broader aging

CMS121 and J147, two drug candidates that improve memory and slow neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease, also slow aging in healthy, older mice.

#neuroscience #research #Alzheimers

Adrienne Griffen, of @PostpartumSupportVA: “We don’t talk about these illnesses, we let women fall off a cliff into the abyss of #Anxiety or #Depression and say, ‘Navigate the mental health system while you are taking care of a baby and feeling your absolute worst.’"

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